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Minecraft the game of the 21st Century. Everyone plays it! Really, they do. Minecraft is encouraging kids everyday to sit down and watch the blocky world unroll before your eyes. Years ago Minecraft would seem like a miracle, but now we see it on our everyday agenda. If your one of those people who have been playing Minecraft since those days, Beta, Alpha. You know the workbenches and our more familiar with Steve. But Minecraft has EVOLVED through the days. If any of you are going to MineCon I am also going if you would like you could leave your username in the comments or through Contact Box for me to find you there. For those of you who do not know what MineCon is a event held yearly around the world. People such as YouTubers, gamers, game developers, and regular Minecraft fans go. It includes sales, speeches, concerts, meeting people and of course playing Minecraft! Now if that's not for you! Well, I don't know what to say. :D

8/28/2013 04:09:28

HMMM nice post! Cool i like minecraft

8/28/2013 04:10:27

THX DipstyAta Got more blogs coming


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